Mothers Day Saturday Gardening with the Family

My Mothers Day weekend started out with a trip to Enright Gardens and Sandcreek Nursery We loaded up the car and headed out.

Because my children have figured out that I am going to blog about them, they have become a bit surly when I tell them I want to take their photo.  (note #1 and #3 aren’t doing it.. just the boys). I also love how #1 is sucking up in her “employee of the month” t-shirt.

Enright Gardens.. fabulous!

#2’s finger being eaten by a snapdragon

Their Baskets are BEAUTIFUL!

I love old rusty metal things to put in my garden.

#4 feels we need a cart for our purchases

Yes.. I randomly accost The Man and kiss him my children think this is a combination of gross and funny. I’m not sure what The Man thinks about it.

I forgot to take a photo of my loot from Enrights.. But I promise.. I got some FABULOUS stuff.. I’ll take photos of it when I get it planted.

From here we moved to Sandcreek nusery.  I lost my my mojo to take photos at Sandcreek.. but my kids came through…

Here’s #5 he thought I needed some yellow mums for Mother’s Day.

The Man explaining to his children to get out of the rocks.. don’t you love the man’s socks? That’s all him baby.

#1 and #3 thought I needed this rose bush.  This photo doesn’t do this rose bush justice.  This rose was about 6 inches across.

#2 and his mother.. he’s never embarrassed to hold his mother’s hand

See the bumble bee?