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A Trip to the Nelson…

nelson atkins, shuttlecocks, large

Sunday we took a little trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum.

Here the monkey’s are standing by the huge birdies.

#4 loved this painting because he thought it looked like jelly fish.  Jelly

fish fascinate our family.

I’m not sure what #2 and The Man are looking at… but #4 is looking at

one of the Nelson’s guards.  He looks SO real.. but he’s not. Normally

wherever #4 is, #5 is also.. but he refused to be in photos..

See.. That’s the arm of The Man.. telling him to “Let your

mother take a picture.”

Here’s #5 in front of the painting he calls; “Give Peas a Chance.”

As soon as they get back to the farm..They are planning on making one of these

“mud-stick” horses themselves..

#4 loved the Impressionist the most.  This is a Monet.

#5 got over his fear of the camera long enough to do this.  He loves this sculpture.

He talked about this one.. and finding “The Thinker” all day!

#2 liked this painting of a boy and his father making wood

shoes.  Maybe it reminds him of  he and The Man working on

the fire alarm at church.

Holy Smokes.. there’s #3 where has she been all day?

The Man.. who is not crazy about art galleries.. said this was

his favorite painting.  I love that about him.

We had a great time…  and all the walking

Wore the monkeys out..

Monday.. Monday.. To Do.. To Do..

nelson atkins museum of art, giant shuttlecock, badminton

Who wants to play badminton? or Honey, I shrunk the kids!

Monday’s To Do List:

1.  fix photos

2.  Purchase Fleece for VBS

3. Find Pillowcases for VBS

4.  take #3 to her cousin’s house for a sleep over.

5.  Wii Fit

6.  Send earrings in to be fixed

7. Dinner= left overs.. The Man will be working on the Fire Alarm at church

8. Find colored sand.. and lots of it for VBS

9. Work on eBay stuff

July 2022
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