A Trip to the Nelson or My Birthday Celebration

Each year for my birthday we try to give ourselves a little culture.  The Nelson Atkins museum of art is the best way for our family to do that.  Here are a few photos from our day..


The Man, #3, #3.5 and me.


We love this painting.. I think only because we like to imitate it.


#2, #4 #5 and #6



This is their “meditation” pose.


Proof #1 was with us.. she doesn’t like to be in the pictures. :\


This is #3.5 and #6’s best impression of a totem pole rug


Uh…. Who knows. what they are doing.


20160710_143331.jpgThis Kid..

How Many Pictures Does It Take To Get THE RIGHT ONE?

For my birthday we go to the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery every year.  I love to see how each kid discovers something new they love about the Nelson.  Along the way I try to take a few pictures to remind us of our time.  I realized there seems to be an issue getting a good group photo.

Have you ever wondered how many pictures a parent has to take to get the right one?


First picture.  #6 thinks he can be cute and lay to the side.  #1 is fixing her hair, #2 is smiling weird, #3.5 is telling #4 and #5 to do something.


Second Picture: #5 isn’t smiling his hair is messed up and #4 and #6 are smiling strangely.


Third Picture: Geez!  It seems the youngest 3 still can’t get it together.


Fourth Picture:  Well.. now the front row is starting to cave, and #6 is back to thinking is special.


Fifth Picture: #5 and #6 are messing this one up


Sixth Picture:  I guess 6 out of 7 isn’t bad.


Seventh Picture: As #6 would say “perfect!”

Monday.. Monday.. To Do.. To Do..

nelson atkins museum of art, giant shuttlecock, badminton

Who wants to play badminton? or Honey, I shrunk the kids!

Monday’s To Do List:

1.  fix photos

2.  Purchase Fleece for VBS

3. Find Pillowcases for VBS

4.  take #3 to her cousin’s house for a sleep over.

5.  Wii Fit

6.  Send earrings in to be fixed

7. Dinner= left overs.. The Man will be working on the Fire Alarm at church

8. Find colored sand.. and lots of it for VBS

9. Work on eBay stuff