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He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother..

If anyone ever thought they should feel sorry for this kid.. don't. He's got it made.

He is carried everywhere… by everyone..  I have proof.

.With #3

#5 holding him..

With #4

(those 2 don't look alike do they?)

His 16 year old brother seems to hold him a lot…

Practicing to be Superman

One of those kids needs a haircut.

Do you think when #6 looks at #2 he wonders about that hair?

Should a baby text?


I guess so.

#1 likes to carry him around on her back. I think because it knocks him out.

We have a saying at our house.. "A sleeping baby is a good baby."

PS.. check out that slobber  on #1's shoulder.. HA!


Let Sleeping Babies Lie

I walked in to check on #6 and saw this…

But I thought this photo was too dark…

So I had the TV on a "bright show" so you could see him better.  Then I thought

that wasn't good enough either.. and did this.


I took the photo with the flash on… #6 and Cookie Monster… or if you are #5 Cookie Mon-ker.  This kid will be one year old in just a month. It's hard for me to believe that he's that old. 

PS.. he didn't wake up…

PSS.. The man thought I was pushing my luck taking the picture in the dark.  I showed him didn't I?

April 2021
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