Bumps and Bruises..

ticket to the gun show, the man

Here’s the Man.. and his normal arm…

battered husband, bruise

Here’s his HUGE bruise.. this is a couple of days old when I took it..

He’s not sure how he got it.. I’m pretty sure it was from pulling fire wire

through a 22,000 sq foot building..  Don’t feel bad for him.  When I asked him

how it happened he said; “You know what you did.”

Here’s your Ticket to the Gun Show..

My husband is a weird guy. The other night we were sitting on the sofa, and I said “Hey.. show me your guns.” To which he gave me this look.

This look reminds me of this one given to me by our youngest child #5.

Different eyes.. but same stink eye look.

You see sometimes he reads my blog. He makes comments here and there about it.. but the comment he makes the most? “You make me look fat.” So now.. I present to you the Man.. (if you are one of our 5 children, you can stop reading here or be forever grossed out.)

Looking pretty darn Sexy. Oh and nice guns.