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Tuesday’s To Do’s

peanut butter chocolate cake

#3 with her Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Cake..

Tuesday’s To Do’s…

  • School the monkey’s
  • Children need to do their chores..
  • Clean the house.
  • List eBay junk
  • Write eBay stuff up
  • Dinner= It’s homeschool mom’s night out.. 🙂
  • Call Girl Scouts
  • Update blogs (it’s a dream.. that I hope to do ;) )
  • Call 1st Baptist about lock in.
  • write article
  • Remind the man to make his phone call.
  • Schedule Dr’s Appt.

Friday’s TO Do’s..

Friday’s To Do’s..

  • School the monkey’s
  • Clean the school room
  • write up a few eBay things
  • Dinner= steak sandwiches, french fries, baked beans and homemade mac & cheese
  • Call insurance
  • Schedule Cookie Training
  • #1 needs to make pretzel dogs for lunch
  • vacuum the boys room

Tuesday’s To Do’s

Tuesday.. Happenings..

  • Grocery Store.. (eww)
  • School the Monkey’s
  • Adult Girl Scout Leader meeting
  • Dinner= Baked ziti
  • Get junk out of entry way.
  • Clean out the car (it’s a TOTAL MESS)
  • Girl Scout Finance Report
  • Call Nazarene Church to see if we can meet there for GS
  • Make the next 3 weeks school plans
  • Make September Calendar
  • Enroll #3 in dance.
  • Send out announcement for Sunday’s Youth Group

Tuesday’s To Do’s

vintage tablecloth, 1950's tablecloth, collectibles

Have I ever told you that I love vintage tablecloths?

If not.. I do.  If I had the inclination.. I would collect them.

Tuesday’s TO Do’s

  • School the monkey’s
  • Make some kid vacuum the upstairs
  • Write up some eBay Stuff
  • Research stuff for the youth room
  • Write Article
  • Dinner = I’m not sure.. I really need to go to the grocery store..
  • Make a plan to get all the stuff out of the church from the rummage sale
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