Something to Sell on eBay: Breyer Horses

I've always had a special place in my heart for Breyer Horses… even though I have never owned one. I did a little research and figured out a few things about Breyer Horses…

  • Every model is carefully hand painted making each one unique. Breyer Creations never repeats the manufacturing of any model previously released.
  • Some model had far fewer models released than others. Some were marketed for several years and some for special events or for a year or less.
  • On the Breyer website they have special horses that sell out in one day..

1960’s Breyer Glossy Charcoal Tennessee Walking Horse SOLD 2302.99 by eBay Seller tj760. Check it out HERE

Vintage Breyer Gold Florentine Glossy Fighting Stallion SOLD $1000.00 by eBay Seller ardyharley. Check it out HERE

Leisure Breyer Model Horse ’93 Hobo Nevada Star 1 of 21 SOLD $690.00 by eBay Seller horse_power_graphics_inc Check it out HERE

Breyer Horse Traditional Showcase Collection SOLD $587.77 by eBay Seller sellapathic. Check it out HERE

Breyer Connoisseur Card Horse Jack of Clubs Jokers Wild SOLD $470.00 By eBay Seller bobpete Check it out HERE

Something to sell on eBay: Masonic Aprons

I have some vintage aprons I was thinking about selling on eBay.. doing a little research I found some pretty high selling aprons.. but not the classic vintage aprons I believed I would find. I thought I would show you 5 fabulous vintage aprons.. similar to this one below..

vintage aprons

This one was bein sold by The Cats Pajamas Vintage. Check it out HERE

Here’s what I did find.

masonic aprons, vintage aprons

Vintage Masonic Silk Apron by eBay Seller greenstonecottage. SOLD $182.50 Check it out HERE.

I wonder how high these would have gone if the seller sold them individually

4 Vintage Masonic Apron’s Nice by eBay Seller Patsoldtoys. SOLD $119.59 Check it out HERE.

Vintage Masonic Lamb Skin Apron Lone Star Lodge #2 by eBay Seller lefthappy. SOLD $105.50 Check it out HERE.

Vintage Masonic knights Templar Apron Skull & Crossbone by eBay Seller tat2tp124 SOLD $78.77Check it out HERE

Vintage Masonic Apron Masons Lodge 314 by eBay Seller gofishingup SOLD $66.00 Check it out HERE.

Looking For a Hat?

ralph lauren stadium hat, stadum hat, ralph lauren

Yesterday I blogged about some expensive socks. Today I thought I would go to the other end.. hats. The seller for this auction had virtually no description.

Auction Title: Polo Ralph Lauren Vintage 1992 Stadium Hat Pwing
Check it out HERE

Sold for: $2025.00

eBay Seller: omeza2010

Description: 10 Positive Feedback And Up In Order To Bid..

Any Bid With Lest then 10 +Feedback, I Will Block your ID From The Auction..

Paypal Only…

Something to Sell on eBay: Vintage Alarm Clocks

Angelus alarm Calendar Moon Face Clock Sold for $716.94 by eBay Seller flwrakis Check it out HERE.

Antique Gilbert “76 Alarm Rolling Bell Alarm Clock Sold for $355.00 by eBay Seller garyrich1 Check it out HERE

Le Coultre Swiss Fine and Rare Vintage Travel Alarm Clock Sold for $350.00 by eBay Seller worldsfinestantiques Check it out HERE

Red Seiko Alarm Flip Clock Battery Operated qn407 Sold for $355.00 by eBay Seller Jimborenee Check it out HERE

Vintage Angelus Travel Alarm Clock Swiss Jewel Movement Sold for $350.00 by eBay Seler robdollison Check it out HERE