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PayPal Student Debit Cards a Pretty Cool Idea

paypal kid card, credit cards for kids

The nerd (#2) got something new to play with.  PayPal has started their

new “student card” program.  (Check it out HERE)  Parents can keep

track of what their kids spend and add money to the kids accounts

from their PayPal account.  It’s a pretty neat program.

He was so excited to sign it… and to spend some sweet moola.

I had #1 take the photo.. and I could hear her from the other

room saying; “No SIGN IT!”  and “Your signature! Duh!”

Here’s what he did..

I promise even though he’s homeschooled he really can “sign” his name.

He says he misunderstood his sister.  I think that’s maybe true.. 😉

Casey’s Slurpee machine.. LOOK OUT.. he has some

money in there.. and isn’t afraid to spend it.

Nerds from Nerdville.. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

nerd, baby nerd, I love nerds, kids in glasses, homeschooled

I don’t know what to say about this..

The people that do not know me personally and read

my blog.. probably think I stage my kids to do these

weird things…. I promise this kind of thing.. is all them.

You can’t make this stuff up.

April 2021
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