A Day with #4

I needed to run some errands and pick out fabric for #3's Christmas dress. I gave her instructions to be up and ready.. she wasn't… so I took this kid..

In case you wondered.. pepperoni pizza is pretty much his favorite food. When he is older he wants to own his own pizza shop called; "Big Daddy's Pizza."

He tried to convince me to buy his good friend Caroline all of this K State


He was pretty sure that it was a lucky day.. because EVERYWHERE we went

we saw a nutcracker. I tried to explain to him that it was Christmas.. and

nutcrackers were popular gifts and people liked to display them. But

in true 7 year old fashion… he thinks it was lucky.

If you've seen this Target 2 Day Sale Video You'll understand

what he's doing in this photo….

If you haven't seen the commercial.. he's imitating the woman

doing sit ups.. preparing for the Target Black Friday sale. He's

a strange little kid.. but we love him.