Something to Sell on eBay.. Holt Howard

I love Holt Howard stuff… I think it is quite possibly one of the cutest things ever!  Check out these HIGH selling things on eBay..


Mid Century Holt Howard Devils Brew Decanter Mint Vintage Original Eames Era SOLD 860.00 by eBay Seller dkovacsradios  Check it out HERE  



Rare Holt Howard Bee Bothered Cozy Kitten in Original Box SOLD $648.00 by eBay Seller OldWares Check it out HERE 


Very Rare Holt Howard 1959 Snack Pixie Ketchup Katie SOLD $625.00 by eBay Seller secondchancez Check it out HERE 


Vintage 1959 Holt Howard Pixieware Honey Pot SOLD $350.00 by eBay Seller lifeinspice  Check it out HERE 


 Hold Howard Cat Sugar Shaker/Pourer SOLD 355.00 by eBay Seller dogbone42  Check it out HERE 



Saw and Bought? Strickers Auction

Monday night was auction night at Strickers!

strickers auction, auctions, pickers, eBay queen    

Some outside junk..

American Indian dolls anyone?

Louis L'Amour book lots sold for $9.00 a box.. the bottom of the cart had Vintage "Little Golden Books" each box of those sold for $30.00 each.

I was pretty surprised when these trees sold for 25.00 for 5 of them.

All of the rings sold for $175.00

Homer laughlin eggshell

Homer Laughlin Egg Shell Magnolia Dishes anyone?  Sold $32.00

I wanted this black and yellow "signature" quilt.  I was too lazy to stay and wait for it.

L E Smith Punch bowl

I won this bad boy.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.. Keep it or sell it.

I wanted those totes.. they were full of  homeschool stuff.  I missed them 🙁

vintage 7 up clock

Hello… 7UP clock

pantaloons, frilly underwear, vintage underwear, lace


Stuff.. and more stuff..

Saturn glasses

I thought these might be Saturn Glass.. but I'm not so sure.

iron bed

Cute iron beds..

box of lightbulbs

box of light bulbs anyone?

How cute is this?

Normally I have a couple of photos of everything I bought.. I forgot to do that this time… It was pretty uneventful haul though.. 🙁


Stuff I Didn’t Buy at this Estate Sale

Yesterday I ventured to the big city of Leawood.. and found a

pretty neat garage sale.  The problem with this sale.. it was


leawood kansas, garage sale, estate sale, head shelves

I love these.. What are they called? (they were $75.00 each)

vintage lighting, entryway lighting

I liked this big entryway type light..

vintage dishes

Loved these dishes.. but they were like $20 – $100.00 a piece!

See this little pig?  That’s an American Bisque Polka Dot

pig.  I collect those.. but this one was more than I wanted

to pay..

See that cute little pig? It’s a Fitz and Floyd..

I love the big wood head and the coat rack.

I love the house.. I wish I could have seen the inside..

Loved this bed.. it was marked $600.00.

#2 found quite a few books he wanted.. and a lovely vintage

leather Kenneth Cole messenger bag.. and just like his grandpa

he hondled them and got it all for less!

Labor Day Auction..

Brandon had a sweet little sale today.. one thing about a Brandon

Otto auction.. he’s clear, fast and fair.

One of the best things about today’s auction was that it was held

under Wellsville’s large shade trees.

One of my pet peeves about going to an auction is

being late.  Today I left a little late.. and had to “fight”

to see stuff.  When I say fight I don’t mean really get in

an argument.. you just have to say lots of “excuse me”

and wait around to look at the jun

They had doors.. and lots of furniture..

I really wanted those platters..

See those beaded things?

I got them.. 🙂

There were probably 50 old hankies in here.. I bid on them,

but they went for over 60.00.

This is a tiny sample linens they had.. they all went pretty high too.

Lot’s of old Christmas stuff.

Faux fruit..

I really wanted this yellow cabinet.. #3 wanted the polka dot boxes.

(We didn’t get them)

I wanted the big flower print.. but I just couldn’t

pay the prices they were getting here today 🙂

Here’s #4 he found some cool leaves that have a fuzzy

feel to them.  In the background you can see #3 she’s

chatting it up about her American Girl Doll.. and the

new American Girl Store that opened in Overland Park..

(more to come on the American Girl store)

Here’s all of Brandon’s upcoming auctions!

**I forgot to take photos of all the junk I got!.. maybe I’ll get that done tomorrow!