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Who’s Afraid of a Big Bad Drill?

When we built our house 10 years ago I picked out some pretty cool knobs for my kitchen cabinets. You might not know this.. but cabinets do not come with pre-drilled holes for knobs or pulls and we (The Man and I) have talked and talked and talked about where the knobs should go. I know many of you would say.. drill some holes for Pete's sake! But we didn't..

This woman did though..

This is my good friend Tammy. We've been friends for a while.. we've gone to eBay Live's together, hung out at auctions and she has a super cool Halloween Party every year. Check it out HERE and HERE. I also kind of wrote a blog about her HERE.

Here are my pig head knobs…

I'm not sure that I have discussed my pig collection on my blog…. but I have one and well.. it now includes my cabinets.

Here are the knobs that are on my "corner cabinets"

Do you like them?

This is the stock light fixture that was in my kitchen. I couldn't find the one I wanted 10 years ago… so we left this one up until I did. I found QUITE A FEW I liked.. but didn't want to spend the money. I even wrote a blog about it HERE.

Back in August The Man and I found a light I liked and it was on clearance for only 28.00. It wasn't the one I really wanted… but he didn't like that one. So I guess this was a cheap light that we BOTH could agree on.

It sat on the floor under the island since… well… August. Then…

Tammy hung it… (you can see some of my pigs if you look close enough) We have this little joke each time we turn on the light we say.. "and Tammy said; "Let there be light!"

Thanks Tammy! You are pretty awesome!

Jack the Pumpkin makes a visit to Kansas

My friend Tammy put’s on a Halloween Party every year that is SO much fun..

This year was no different except it had one thing.. that none of the other

parties had.. what is that you are asking?

An 8ft Frankenstein?

He’s cute.. but he’s not really the new thing…

This year she had a 26ft Jack the Pumpkin. See #4 Standing in front of him?

Jack lights up and has steam comes out of his mouth. See the

doll looking thing in his hands? That’s Tammy’s husband.. No I’m kidding sort of…

it’s his clothes… all stuffed… and Bob’s a tall guy (probably 6’4″ or so)

Here’s #5.. just to give you an idea of the size of this thing..

Tammy has a huge barn she sets up a fabulous haunted house. Here’s

#5 talking to the fortune teller.

Here’s #5 near the Haunted Graveyard..

Here’s Dr. Horrible.. in his Laboratory..

#5 doesn’t seem scared..

Look.. Little Red Riding Hood was here.. and she even brought her

The Big Bad Wolf. Check out the glasses around the wolf’s neck.

Here’s #3 and #5 painting their pumpkins.

This dude is always sitting at the dinner table greeting us.

Tammy always has a pinata for the kids to hit. Here’s #4 taking his turn

#3 Taking a swing at it!

#5.. don’t you love his red shoes?

I didn’t take photos of Tammy’s House.. (maybe in a couple of weeks when

we have a tamale party at her house) Bob has a small problem.. he loves Round Oak

Stoves and collects all things Round Oak. Check out the cool stove he

mounted on the side of his barn..

Jack says bye.. until next year…