The eBay Queen Plays Beauty Shop with her Boys…

Today was not only the birthday of our nation, but it is the long awaited day where I take the time out from cooking, parenting, eBaying and blogging to cut the hair of men who live in my house.

The first one up in my chair of horrors beauty is The Man. I told #1 I wanted her to document this event for my blog. The Man nixed that idea, because “he didn’t want his picture taken”. Huh.. what a grouch. So there is no before photos to show you of his shaggy head. I should tell you I DID cut it too short.. but that’s what he get’s for refusing to come to my blog party.

He still looks cute.

Oh look.. grumpy CAN smile… oooh he’s going to be mad at me for this.

Next up.. #4. It used to be REALLY hard to cut this kids hair. He would scream, cry and in general act like a brat. He’s so much better now. I didn‘t think about taking a before photo of him. Not because he didn’t want his picture taken like his father, but his dad set me so off balance I just forgot to do it.

#4 looks good, and he was still the whole time.

Here’s #5.. flashing the Spiderman gang sign…

Whoo-hoo he’s cute!

I don’t know how to warn you about this next kid. He’s a real problem. First of all he could be a donor for “Hair Club for Men”. He has enough hair to cover Mr Cleans head 5 times over. He usually complains the ENTIRE TIME I cut his hair.

Don’t you like how this kid DOESN’T CARE that I am going to put these photos out there

for the whole world to see?

Look when he smiles he’s pretty cute…

Gee they don’t look too happy do they?

That’s more like it..