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Dear eBay Queen: I Don’t Want to Accept Returns!

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve sold off and on for a few years.  This year, because I needed a bit more money, I sold through the Christmas Holiday Season.  My goodness – it’s like the crazy people have come out of the wood work!

Do you think people are more difficult in January than they are the rest of the year?  I sold products this year from March to December.  Do you know how many questions I received in that time period? I had four, and one return. I have -0- items listed in January and I wake up every morning with a problem or two!

The two issues I have that are making me nuts right now are:

  • Buyer says that they did not receive their package. When I check the tracking they HAVE received it.  What should I do?
  • The buyer lives in Canada and says the item that they received is not “pink enough”. What does that mean?  I have it listed that I do not accept returns on international orders.  Am I going to have to accept the return?  They opened the return request stating that the item was not described and then in the spot where you can leave message it says “You say this item is pink, but it is not pink enough.”

I also have two people that want to return the item because it doesn’t fit. I want to yell “I DON’T ACCEPT RETURNS!”  Do you think that people are figuring out that they overspent for Christmas? And now they need their money back?




Dear Monica:

I know I have more issues in January than I do any other time of year.  They actually have a term for this called “Blue January”.  Every third Monday in January is now considered Blue Monday.  It’s the day most people start getting their credit card bills from all that overspending they did in December.  I like to think of it as Regretful January instead of Blue January.

I completely understand saying you do not accept returns.  The issue with that is that eBay doesn’t care.  They will force you to accept them, so you might as well accept them on your terms with a smile on your face.  Here’s how I would handle those issues you have mentioned above:

  • I am assuming the buyer opened an item not received case. Make sure you go to the case and put your tracking information into the case.  Then at the top of the page, click on “help and contact” follow the instructions and you’ll be given a phone number to contact eBay.  The eBay Customer Service Rep should close the case because it shows the item arrived.
  • While you have eBay on the phone, I would ask them to look at this case also. While you will have to accept the return, the buyer opened the case stating it was described correctly, when they didn’t like the color.  By asking eBay to step in with this, the buyer will have to pay for the return shipping

If you are going to sell on eBay I think it would be a good idea for you to re-think your return policy.


Dear eBay Queen:

I sold a bracelet, and shipped it out within 24 hours.  The buyer gave me a negative feedback for slow shipping time.  The item was purchased on the 2nd, I shipped it on the 3rd and they received it on the 5th.  Is that really show shipping time?

Is there anything I can do about the negative?



Dear Katie:

I would call customer support and ask if this qualifies for removal.  I have seen them remove feedback like this before, and since you followed the rules and the shipping provider backed you up, it should be removed.

Good Luck!


Strange eBay item of the Week: Item #152330968599. This is an unusual piece. If you were a fan of D&D and happen to have one of these lying around, it could be worth some money! TSR Dungeons and Dragons Solid Brass or Solid Bronze Belt Buckle Very Rare SOLD: $600.00.


Amazon Fulfillment Fail

I purchased this Brio Roller Coaster for #6.  I bought it on eBay, and it was oddly enough Fulfilled by Amazon.  You might notice the labels that were stuck on the box and that it was not shipped in a shipping box. So when it arrived at my home ANYONE could have seen it on the porch.  (If you know what I mean)



Here is my eBay transaction


Here’s the Amazon Fulfillment Services label.

I messaged the seller to let them know how Amazon shipped the item, and it was a gift. I also prefaced it that I knew it wasn’t their fault.  You’d think Amazon would know better.

Dear eBay Queen: This Seller is Mad I Sold His Item for More Money!

Dear eBay Queen:

I feel horrible! I am guilty of eBay arbitrage.  Quite frankly, I’ll sell anything. I like to search for things that are mis-marked or spelled wrong, specifically in dinnerware, flatware, crystal and glassware.   At the end of May, I purchased a set of flatware that was not marked correctly.  The seller did not have the pattern name, and only had one picture of the large flatware lot.  I purchased it for his asking price of 29.99 with 12.99 shipping.  I received it in the mail, washed it, and relisted it with its proper pattern name and 5 photos.  I sold the set for over $200.00.  The seller I purchased it from sent me several messages while I had it listed, and was not happy that I was selling it for more than I paid.

“Why do you think it’s ok to rob me of my livelihood?  It’s people like you that give eBay a bad name.  I’m going to start watching you, and report you for what you are doing!”

I did not respond to his message.  I did leave him positive feedback that said: “Perfect as described! Fast shipping!”

He left me a positive (because that was all he could leave) with a negative wording.  “Seller beware bad for eBay community Cheats Steals Avoid”

I contacted eBay about this, and they removed the feedback.  I went back last week and I see that he has been suspended!  I really feel bad for him.  I think I was the reason he was suspended.  I contacted eBay and they would not confirm that is what they did, but they said he COULD have been suspended for that reason.  Do you think I should send a message to his email and apologize?  I never wanted to have this guy suspended.  I just called in because I didn’t think that feedback was fair.  What would you do?


Dear SG:

Holy Smokes!  Every seller should profit from what they sell.  If they don’t, they are not doing it right. This seller set his price, and you paid what he asked.  I’m not sure why he is mad at you!   I would feel bad if someone was suspended too, but it’s not your fault.  They broke the rules.

I’m sure this kind of thing has happened to most sellers on eBay.  If you are not selling something you specialize in, then chances are you might be putting a low price on the item.  When I am selling something I don’t know much about, I do some research on it, or I put a price I would be happy with selling it for, and let it ride.  I’ve seen plenty of people get bent out of shape for this kind of thing on a Facebook group I’m in, and even at garage sales.  I had someone refuse to sell something to me at a garage sale a couple of years ago because she knew I would resell it for more money.

I wouldn’t give this suspension a second thought. This is your seller’s fault for not figuring out the pattern name, and only having one picture. If he contacts you again, I would message eBay.


Dear eBay Queen:

I sell vintage post cards and other paper collectibles.  I just had a buyer ask if I combine shipping.  I said yes.  They sent message back and want to know if I give a shipping discount.  I told them I wasn’t sure what they meant, but I charge exact shipping charges.  Then I get a kind of rude, condescending message TELLING ME how to ship the product and how much it should cost.  I guess I’m just in a bad mood, but I really want to block this buyer, and tell them to go away.  What should I do? Oh, and did I mention they sell too?


Vintage Paper Seller


Dear Vintage:

What is your gut telling you to do?  Have you reviewed the feedback they leave people? If they leave lots of negative feedback, I would probably block them.  If not, I would ask them which items they are interested in and give them a shipping quote.



Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #381641067121.  Costume jewelry is always interesting. Here, we have a piece from (as noted by the seller,) “the flashy, not trashy” Lunch at the Ritz Company. Very cute and  patriotic! July 4th Lunch at the Ritz Fireworks Pin Brooch Pendant Charms Crystal SOLD: $159.95.



Dear eBay Queen: How Can I Get My Final Value Fees Back?

Dear eBay Queen:

I sold a Wedgewood tea service to a buyer who emailed when it was delivered that some of it was broken but she would offer me $25 for things that were not broken. The item was insured, and I asked the buyer to wait until the adjuster had called and examined it. In the meantime the buyer got more and more agitated the longer things took and called eBay for advice. I was asked by the representative to refund the $100 cost. I refused telling the rep I was waiting for the insurance company. The rep then asked me to give the buyer a partial refund as eBay’s policy was to keep their buyers happy at all costs. I told the rep I was waiting for the tea service to be returned, as eBay had sent the buyer a return label.

When the item arrived there was no shipping damage on the box, but everything was smashed up inside – even items the buyer said were unbroken. I suspect the buyer dropped some of the tea set and smashed up the rest to get a refund.  I received the refund from the insurance company and not having this experience before, I asked the dispute team should I now refund the buyer. Without another email, they sent the buyer her $100 payment, but because I asked them the question, eBay refused to return my final value fee. As a seller, I did nothing wrong. I followed protocol in every way yet it has cost me over $11 for the return shipping label and $10 final value fee – over $20 for a little Mom and Pop seller. I can no longer afford to risk selling on eBay if sellers are penalized like this.  I wonder what I can do about the return of my out of pocket costs.


Patricia Denney

Dear Patricia:

I am confused as to why your final value fees were not refunded.  Did the buyer escalate the claim?  Did you escalate the claim?  I would call eBay back and speak to someone in the refunds department.  I would explain your case again, and if that doesn’t work, ask to speak to a supervisor.  I can’t imagine why they would not refund your final value fees


Dear eBay Queen:

I bought a nice, but damaged sheet set at a garage sale.  I listed the set as a “cutter” meaning that it had damages and someone could use the fabric for something besides sheets. I even listed it in the eBay ad as damaged, Cutter, with no flaws or holes. I sold the queen set for 19.99 with free shipping. I did my research and perfect ones sell for $75.00 To 100.00.

My item sold and I shipped out the same day.  The buyer received it, and she sends this message: “I received the sheet set.  The top sheet unusable.. I can only use 2/3rd of the sheet. I know you said cutter and damaged, but you didn’t specifically say this. I have washed and bleached the sheets because WHO KNOWS where it has been.  I am extremely unhappy.  I know you don’t want me to leave feedback when I am unhappy. What ideas do you have to make this better?”

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t want to give the buyer $20.00, so what should I do?  I said “Cutter “ and “Damaged” in the title and description.  She bleached it, and it wasn’t a white sheet set! What should I do?

J Burns

Dear J:

Your buyer is using feedback extortion, and has altered the item by washing it.  I would ask the buyer to open a return request.  Once the request is opened, call eBay and ask them to review the messages between you and the buyer so that they will see your buyer has bleached your sheets (altered,) and that they are also using feedback extortion.

If the first person does not help you, request a supervisor.  The case should be closed out in your favor.



Strange eBay item of the Week: Item #322100852728. Wedgewood China can be highly collectible depending on the pattern. In my eBay selling career, I’ve come across Jasperware (blue and white), but had never seen Caneware (yellow and white.) Caneware is a tan-colored, unglazed stoneware that was first developed by Josiah Wedgwood about 1770. Wedgewood Caneware Tea Set Yellow White Wedgewood Only Mark SOLD: $399.00.



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