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Friday’s To Do’s..

tv dinners, vintage swanson's, frozen dinners

Swanson.. it's what's for dinner..

Friday's To Do's

  • write up eBay stuff.
  • unload Church's Garage Sale stuff @ auction
  • Paint Youth Calendar
  • Go to Country Mart's meat sale..
  • Dinner= something from Country Mart's Meat sale 😉
  • buy #2 some flip flops.. because his had a blow out..

Friday… To Do List Because you know you want to read it ;)

oatmeal cookies, oatmeal scotchies, butterscotch chips

I made 8 dozen of these cookies Thursday.. anyone want

to guess how long they will last in my home?

24 hours  48 hours 64 hours

1. Wii Fit

2. List eBay Stuff ** this is my main goal**

3.  post office

4. Do something with #2′s hair.

5. Do something with my hair..

6. Make some insurance phone calls.

7. Dinner= Steak, baked potatoes, corn, rolls

8. Fix pictures

Tuesday’s Here.. What are you doing?

2 of these kids are not mine.. They are at boy scout camp.. they need to come

home because #2 is going crazy without his friends… I kind of miss them too…

I like how #2 has on a Auctiva T-shirt..

Tuesday’s To Do List

1. Meeting 9:30

2. Finish VBS “God’s Word is Comforting” pillowcases

3. Cut Life Care Center Blankets

4. Fix photos

5.  Unload car from last night auctions

6. Figure out a date for the Church Rummage Sale.

7. Write up a few eBay things

8.  Schedule listings, upload photos

9. Dinner = sandwiches.. the man will be at church working on the fire alarm.

10. Finish article.. and send it in 🙂

Friday’s To Do’s

Friday’s  To Do List:

1. Get my receipts together and turn them into the church.

2.  Pick up sand for VBS

3.  Find all the stuff I need to take to the church for VBS

4. Dinner= Hot Dogs, Mac N Cheese, corn and cookies  (that’s for the monkeys..)

5.  Send earrings in to be fixed

6. Auction tomorrow.. and a little time with Tammy.

7. Bank

8. Mail stuff.

9. write up some eBay things.

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