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Mission Trip Grocery list

My Youth Group and I  are going to Ogala, South Dakota on Saturday.  We are responsible for our meals and for the lunch of 50 or so children.  Here's my grocery list of stuff I'm getting today.  (I'll post our menu's later)


Biscuits (S) 3pkg                                                                                               Flour (W)

Milk                                                                                                                       cucumber

Bagels  (C)           6pkg                                                                                      Apples

Bananas                                                                                                               Grapes

Oranges                                                                                                               Grapefruit

Watermelon                                                                                                      Cantaloupe

Ziti noodles                                                                                                         Tomato paste (S)

Tomato Sauce (S)                                                                                             Diced Tomato (S)

Italian Seasoning (W)                                                                                       Garlic (S)

Tomato Sauce (W)                                                                                           Tomato Paste (W)

Diced Tomatoes (W)                                                                                        Parmesan Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese (W)                                                                                  Tea Bags (S)

Garlic Powder (W)                                                                                           Onion (S)

Lettuce (S) 9 heads                                                                                         French Bread (W) 12 loaves

Tomatoes (S)                                                                                                     Carrots (S) 3 lg bags

Celery (S) 4 stalks                                                                                             Peanut butter (S)

Grape Jelly (S)                                                                                                   Strawberry jelly               

Butter stick                                                                                                         Cream Cheese Tub

Butter Tub                                                                                                          Margarine stick

Cream Cheese 3pkgs                                                                                       Roast

Potatoes Red                                                                                                     Potatoes Baking

Potatoes brown                                                                                               Salad Dressing

Sour Cream                                                                                                        Blueberries

Oatmeal                                                                                                               Brown Sugar

Corn Starch                                                                                                         Sugar

Sausage (roll)                                                                                     Sausage links

Sausage patties                                                                                                Bacon

Chicken breast                                                                                  Mini Candy Bars 3 bags

Green beans                                                                                                      Brownie mix

Reeces mix                                                                                                         Lobster rolls (3)

Spaghetti noodles                                                                                           biscuits in a tube 5

Flour tortillas                                                                                                     taco shells

Green sauce                                                                                                      cheddar cheese

Sliced cheese                                                                                                     refried beans

Mexican rice                                                                                                      taco seasoning

Rotel                                                                                                                     strawberries

Little smokies                                                                                    croissants

Egg noodles                                                                                                        Kielbasa

Peas                                                                                                                      Ham

Salami                                                                                                                   syrup

Pancake mix                                                                                                       turkey

Mayonnaise                                                                                                       Honey mustard

Tortilla chips                                                                                                       Cream of Chicken soup (4)

Chicken gravy                                                                                    Chicken broth (5)

Canned chicken                                                                                                pepperoni

Go-Gurt                                                                                                               Kool-aid  10

Mustard                                                                                                               Snacks…

Hashbrowns                                                                                                       ham (for casserole)

Rolls for sandwiches                                                                       water balloons

Wiffle ball 3                                                                                                        bats 5

Sharpies                                                                                                               notebooks

Pens                                                                                                                      markers

Paper bags                                                                                                          poster board

Brown gravy                                                                                                       beef broth 3

Cinnamon                                                                                                           BBQ sauce

Crumble bacon                                                                                 green beans

Oil                                                                                                                           olive oil

Canadian bacon                                                                                                cheddar cheese soup

Potato chips                                                                                                       salsa

Box of potato chips                                                                                         foil

Plastic bags                                                                                                        




You Are Good At Things.. Book Review or Something..

While browsing Barnes and Noble I found this interesting book in the Self Help section called "You Are Good At Things a Checklist"  by Andy Selsberg.  It caught my eye and made me laugh a little..   The book is a series of things to check off to make you feel better about yourself.  Here's some of that I thought I could check off..

  • Noticing new haircuts
  • making it to the hotel pool before it closes
  • Sensing how many sheets the stapler can handle
  • Inserting swear words into regular words
  • misquoting
  • wearing pants
  • Estimating if a crowded elevator is overweight
  • Applying reverse psychology
  • Applying double reverse psychology
  • Making dismissive gestures
  • Announcing you could make a salad at home for cheaper
  • Tying shoes and ties on someone else's body

Having very specific ideas about how you like your tea

  • Laughing at yourself
  • Signing documents on other peoples backs
  • Pulling a Fast one
  • Assuming it will all be online
  • Living the dream

Some of the one's I haven't done… but thought were funny:

  • Getting out of bone marrow donation requests
  • Telling Professional Coaches what to do (I had quite a few old boyfriends that could do this)
  • Knowing just how high you can toss a baby before it gets dangerous.
  • Being fearless about trying other people's prescriptions
  • Straddling the line between appropriate and inappropriate butt patting
  • Scrubbing away shame in the shower
  • Wiping that smirk off your face
  • Knowing the appropriate level of participation and enthusiasm when at a worship service not of your religion.
  • Following through with threats to write a children's book.
  • Announcing whenever you're keeping it real
  • Catching drifts
  • Keeping the line moving

This is a cute and funny book.. It will make you laugh.

Sunday-Monday To Do List

The Man and #6

Today – tonight's To Do list is gonna be a strange one… We are currently "rooming" in with #6 for the evening. The hospital here would like to see if the Man and I still "got it"… and by 'IT" I mean our parenting skills.

You'd think that the parents of 5 children.. would have learned SOMETHING in the last few years.. but maybe not. Some people would think we don't learn too fast since we are STILL having children…

Tonight #6's nurse said to me; "I'd like to watch you change his diaper and take his temp." I looked around the room and waited for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say: "You've been PUNK'd!" but he didn't.. Did I mention that the nurse was the same age as #1…. ON TO the list..

  • 11:00pm Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • 2:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6 watch nurse draw blood (I won't be watching..)
  • 5:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • 8:00am Take temp, change diaper, feed #6
  • Wait the rest of the day for them to test and approve me as a parent…
  • Remind #1 to remove all animals and sanitize the house
  • #2 should arrive sometime in the early am to ride home with #6 in the backseat.
  • Have #2 run into Target and buy the industrial size bottle of hand sanitizer.. the nurses have scared the poo out of me about germs and babies.
  • Before bringing #6 in the house rub hand sanitizer on everything.

What’s Going On.. Because.. it’s Monday

I’ve been a little lax in my daily to do list.  I don’t think they are interesting, but my 5 readers like them.. So we have to give the people what they want 😉  I’m really late in doing this list today.. but here it is anyway.

1. School with #4 and #5 (#2 and #3 will be doing a little spring cleaning)

2. Go to the friends of the library sale

3. Upload 400+ photos.

4. Dinner: Tacos, cilantro rice, spoon bread, chips and salsa (This is#5’s birthday dinner choice)

5. Run to the grocery store.

6. Get the church’s charity auctions uploaded this evening.

7. Upload my auctions this evening.

8. work on updating my store categories **on going**

9. Make Father Daughter Masquerade ball mask

10.  Monkey’s need a hair cut.

11. List any books I bought to re-sale on Amazon.  (see list item #2)

12. Frost #5’s cupcakes for his Birthday 🙂

13. Plan Youth Group for Wednesday

14. Plan Girl Scouts

15. Write Article

16. Write up the stuff below…

Writing up Sunglasses…

BOXES of Sunglasses

Miscellaneous JUNK

More Sunglasses..

lots of slippers

Oh.. and slippers

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