Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 8= Sun

I waited and waited to take a photo of the sun today, but there was not a single ray of sun shining in Kansas.  Because of this I took a photo of what made my day sunny.


This fabulous cupcake was given to me by one of the youth at Youth Group tonight.  Looks good huh?

It was the sunny part of my day.  I also think it tasted better than the sun would. 🙂


What’s Going On.. Because.. it’s Monday

I’ve been a little lax in my daily to do list.  I don’t think they are interesting, but my 5 readers like them.. So we have to give the people what they want 😉  I’m really late in doing this list today.. but here it is anyway.

1. School with #4 and #5 (#2 and #3 will be doing a little spring cleaning)

2. Go to the friends of the library sale

3. Upload 400+ photos.

4. Dinner: Tacos, cilantro rice, spoon bread, chips and salsa (This is#5’s birthday dinner choice)

5. Run to the grocery store.

6. Get the church’s charity auctions uploaded this evening.

7. Upload my auctions this evening.

8. work on updating my store categories **on going**

9. Make Father Daughter Masquerade ball mask

10.  Monkey’s need a hair cut.

11. List any books I bought to re-sale on Amazon.  (see list item #2)

12. Frost #5’s cupcakes for his Birthday 🙂

13. Plan Youth Group for Wednesday

14. Plan Girl Scouts

15. Write Article

16. Write up the stuff below…

Writing up Sunglasses…

BOXES of Sunglasses

Miscellaneous JUNK

More Sunglasses..

lots of slippers

Oh.. and slippers