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Why eBay Should Allow US to See What a Buyer Purchases…

Once upon a time on eBay… I was able to see what buyers were bidding and buying .  I didn’t really use this to be a nosy person, more to see if they might be scamming me or trying to get something for nothing.

Example 1:

I had a buyer want to return a black cat cookie jar.  When I received it back, it was not the cookie jar I sent them, but a similar style, and a OWL.  I went and looked at their purchase history, I see they purchase the cat from me, a cat from someone else and an owl.  I messaged them and they apologized and told me they confused their purchases.  They paid to send the owl back, and it was over.  If that happened on eBay today, I’d have no proof to show the buyer what they did.

Example 2:

A buyer messaged me told me the silverware I sent was not in the wood box as shown, and it was 8 pieces short.  I was able to look up what they purchased, remind them they bought silverware from someone else, and then let them know that *my* item hadn’t even arrived yet.

I recently found Watch Count.

If you’ve not checked out this service.. you should.  It really helped me out with a buyer that thought I should finance their lace underwear for 30days.

mrsbspHello, Mrs. B here IF?? I Bid on these Persay? & Win them as well???? would you be willing to Wait for Payment on Nov 18th when My ss check comes in?? So Please!!!! let ME know either way ASAP!!!! Thanks Mrs BPs!! I would LOVE to have them.

I thought this was odd.  The underwear were under 10.00, so I went to check out their WATCH COUNT to see what they’ve bid on… Turns out they seem to be bidding on quite a bit.



They’ve bid on 33 items and paid as much as 33.00 for a pair of underwear.  They also like baby blankets….  I didn’t want to be rude, but I also didn’t want to be taken advantage of, so I thought I’ll just let them know I can not wait from mid October to November 18th for payment.


I responded with “I don’t know that I can wait a month for payment.”

I thought it would be best to not point out that they were still actively buying things without any money AND that social security checks come out on the first of the month.

mrsbsp4They responded with “thanks anyway i changed my mind i don’t want them now i’ii look somewhere elese alot cheaiper at that.”

So this kind of annoyed me.. I mean, don’t insult me by telling me you can buy “somewhere elese” lace panties  “cheaiper”so I responded with:

mrsbsp3I did a little checking, and it appears that all SS checks go out on the first.  eBay is not a layaway program.  I went and looked at your buying records, and see that you have enough money now to buy things… I see that “Mrs” B buys a lot of lace underwear and baby blankets.

I wish you much luck in the future.

They responded with..

mrsbsp5“WHY ?????? don’t you mind your own Dm’n BUSSINEss & DROP DEAD TOO AND KISS MY you know what !!!!!!!!”

You think that “Mrs” B means his lace covered “you know what”?

Dear eBay Queen: My Buyer Kept the Item & Is Selling it for Herself!

Dear eBay Queen:

I'm a relatively new seller and kind of angry at myself. I would like advice you can give me, please. I sold a buyer a pair of men’s Ralph Lauren khaki shorts for $16.99 including shipping. When the buyer received them, she sent me a message that said, "What is wrong with you? There is no way that these are a men’s 32.  I’m not really a complainer, but there is no way these will fit my husband. I am going to need a refund and if you would like them back I will need you to pay for return shipping."

Since I have only been selling for a few months, I didn’t want to upset my buyer and I really didn’t want to receive negative feedback.  I talked it over with my husband, and we decided the best thing to do is to just refund the buyer and let her keep the item.

It’s been a week, and just like every morning I check to see if she’s left me a negative.  Today, she left me a neutral.  I went to look at her feedback, and I noticed that she has DSR stars, so she must be a seller. When I check to see what she’s selling, I see she has the Ralph Lauren shorts that I sold her, listed for more money than she paid me.  I messaged her and she sent me a message back that says: “You refunded my money and let me keep the shorts.  What did you want me to do with them? They didn’t fit my husband because they are not a 32!  Maybe you’ve learned something from this transaction, and maybe I will make a few bucks from your stupidity. Nothing wrong with that.”

What should I do?



Dear Shania:

Holy Smokes! That’s one gutsy buyer!  I would not message her or contact her again.  I would contact eBay and let them know about this woman.  I believe what she is doing is completely wrong and she quite possibly could be removed from eBay.  To contact eBay go to:  Click on “report a buyer”, and  click on “inappropriate behavior” 

I hope that eBay removes the buyer and your neutral.


Dear eBay Queen:

eBay really helped me with a buyer that went from normal to nuts in about a millisecond!   I sold a really cute Gymboree skirt set to a buyer in New Jersey WAY BACK in January.  On February 10th, I received the package back in the mail as “unclaimed”.  I messaged the customer that same day, and I never heard back from them.  In my message, I asked if they would like me to send it back, or if they wanted a refund, but I never heard back from her.  Today, I received an angry message from the buyer, demanding that I give her a full refund, and she left me a HORRIBLE negative feedback. I called eBay, and they were really helpful, removed the negative feedback and told us not to worry about refunding them and suggested we block the customer from purchasing from us in the future.  How great is that?


Dear Patricia:

This is fantastic news!  I’m so glad eBay saved the day.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #351271525208. Meissen figurines are rare and highly collectible. This one might be perfect for your favorite cat lady. Meissen Figurine Lady Feeding Cat NR SOLD: $535.00.


A Whale of a eBay Problem… or How Can a Paperweight have SO Many Problems?

Looks like a simple paperweight huh?

This whale paperweight is cursed!  I know you are shaking your head in disbelief.. but it’s true!  It sold way back in 2005 to a lovely Canadian buyer.  They didn’t pay.  I forgot about it for awhile… re-listed it, sold and the buyer didn’t pay.  What’s a seller to do?  Well, I listed it again.  The buyer paid for it (amazing).. and we couldn’t find the little bugger.  So we refunded their money, and FOUND IT.

Currently the whale sits on a shelf and collects dust.  We used to be afraid of it.  Now we believe it likes being here in Kansas.  Do you have a cursed item?  What have you done with it?

How can a Simple Blanket Create SO many eBay Problems?

This looks like a simple chenille blanket huh?  I had 3 of them at one time.

They were perfect, new and in the original packaging.

Super soft an a very nice shade of chocolate brown.  I sold all 3 of them.  Here’s my eBay ad:

Up for auction is a very nice NEW Luxury Chocolate Brown Chenille Throw Blanket.</P>

  • NEW
  • HEAVY thick blanket
  • chocolate or deep dark brown
  • dry clean only
  • retails 120.00
  • 50×70
  • The fringe is  LONG (about 6″) and  will arrive slightly tangled.
  • Shipping is Free!

So why would anyone be upset at this blanket?  It’s brand new, free shipping, color was

accurately represented.. what could it be?  Out of the  3 that I sold I received a neutral

and a negative from the buyers.  Do you have any idea what ticked them off so bad?

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